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Peter Pettigrew

Fool - Different Planet Tour

I'm an educational intellect,

Quite exceptional in fact,

Perfect at being the remedial class,

Brim-less dunce,

I'm a success,

At losing I'm obvious when,


I'm always asked for my opinion... once

I'm a fool, I'm a flop, I'm a failure
You should never judge a book,
but it's cover.
But theres a heart that beats inside of me.


We still haven't celebrated my birthday...

and i didn't get presents!

I reckon we should have a party or something! We could get everyone together and get butter beer and sweets--isn't there another birthday soon too?

It'd be good right?! that and i can invite Carrie =D


Poor Petey

His stomach was in agony, fire almost, as Peter walked rather painfully down the corridor. He'd had the first run in with Rosier, the one he'd been waiting for--and finally got this afternoon, his stomach hurt, his head hurt and his pride hurt.

This week had been a disaster as it was, he hadn't spoken to any of his friends, Remus seemed to avoid him, Severus looked like he would murder him with every breathe he took and Carrie was no where to be seen as though she was avoiding him too.

Peter trudged down the hallway and sighed, he didn't know how today could get better, but he begged for it. 

Peter loved herbology, the study of plants for him was the ultimate hobby, he loved all of them from "muggle boring plants" to even mandrakes, which hypontized him in his second year with what he called their beauty.

Right now, Peter had a project, Professor Sprout had given him a plant to take care of, on his own, it wasn't a dangerous plant, it was called a unus effloresco and to be honest it was pretty ugly, the pet name for the plant was Resco, as proffesor Sprout explained this plant wasn't dangerous, but it was different, where most plants respond to water and light, the owner must care for it emotionally for it to bloom.

And when it blooms it's red flowers, it is apparently the most beautiful sight a herbologist could ask for from a plant.

Peter couldn't wait to see what happened now he had to take care of it.

Is it just me or has everyone been really quiet, maybe it's the return to school blues?

Discovered: Peter, Remus and Snape

Peter was late for the train, he was always late for the train. Everyone knew that, his mother fussed so much that when he arrived the train was about to go--or it really was going. That had happened in his first year, and it had been Sirius and James who'd helped him on in the panic.

I guess being late that time wasn't so bad. But today he had no idea where his friends were, he gave a sigh and started to walk through the carriages, and started to peek into every one of them to see which ones his friends were in anxious to find them and see them, he hadn't seen them all summer after all.

Meeting Carrie

If Peter felt nervous about meeting his dad every few years, he felt doubly nervous about meeting Carrie, hisheart felt like a drum pounding hard and fast in his chest blocking out nervous feelings through pacing round the front of the Leaky Cauldron as though he was a man driven by insanity.

"Gotta stay calm, gotta stay cool....omgicantdothis!"
"Yes you can"
"No I can't, she's so pretty and I ramble and--"
"She said yes didn't she? she kissed you too--"
"But--but but--"
"No buts it'll be fine"

Talk about nerves! He was talking to himself and his calmer more mature mind was talking back. He took another breathe and stopped pacing, he didn't want to look so nervous when his girlfriend arrived.

When he thought abot it in that sense, that Carrie was his girlfriend, his heart seemed to sink again.

"I know I'm going to screw this up..." he said sadly to himself. 

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

I got my new owl early, and a few books on Lupins! Ha! and not to mention new school robes. Thats about it really, but I don't really mind, I can celebrate properly when we get back to Hogwarts right?!

This Death Eater thing is driving me fricking mad, who's next? Anthony's dead, which Carrie is still grieving over, families have been wiped out and destroyed and now the head of the auror fricking department is dead too!

How long is it going to last? It's unbelieveable. I bet everyone of those Death Eaters were slytherins too! I just can't believe that there are people who still do such terrible things...